Maymoon Design


A participatory design project that intends to arrive at a collaborative understanding of a literary text

I have always been solicitous of an ample margin; this is not so much through any love of the thing in itself, however agreeable, as for the facility it affords me of penciling in suggested thoughts, agreements, and differences of opinion, or brief critical comments in general.
— Edgar Allen Poe

Marginalia is defined as the “scribbles, comments and illuminations in the margins of a book.” This is a design project that will collate those hand-written reflections of a single, short text from a diverse group of people of different backgrounds. In so doing, we hopefully, ideally arrive at a better understanding of ourselves, each other, and the work of literature at hand.



I will mail you a hard copy of a document, which you will read and mark up with your underlines, comments, or other markings that represent your thoughts and reflections on the text. When done, you will place that same newly-marked up document back into the self-addressed envelope and mail it back to me. And that’s it! 

Once the document is sufficiently filled with reflections, I will share the completed version publicly on my website and/or social media. Unless you wish to be identified and recognized as a participant, responses will remain completely anonymous. 



  1. By participating in this project, you agree to read, mark up, and mail the document back to me within 10-15 days of receiving it. If living outside of the United States, you will have to cover the postage costs of mailing the document back to me. A pre-addressed envelope will be provided. 
  2. The document must be mailed back to me and not passed on to anyone else. Please do not allow others to contribute to the document without having them contact me first. 
  3. Please send me an email once the document has been mailed so I know to expect it.
  4. Please do not significantly modify or alter the pages of the text or previous written comments (e.g. by painting, tearing, blocking out, rearranging pages, etc.). This document will be passed on to others, so the text needs to remain legible. 
  5. Please only use a pen (of any color) to mark your reflections—no pencils, markers, crayons, pastels, paints, or other writing instruments.
  6. Please be mindful that the same document will be built upon, person-to-person. Blank pages will be provided at the end of the document for longer reflections / commentary. Please use them if needed to allow space for subsequent participants.
  7. You may share photos on social media, but please use hashtag #FreedomInTheMargins and tag me on Twitter: @arijah_q or Instagram: @kidal85. 
  8. An optional feedback page is included with the document. Please let me know any ideas you may have of how I can improve this process!This will be an ongoing project, so your feedback will be valuable for future iterations. 


Interested in participating? Please submit the below form and I'll be in touch. Thank you!

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