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Embrace Health: HPV Vaccination Campaign

An HPV vaccination campaign aimed at the critical "catch-up" demographic—college students on campus

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Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD)

Design a visual communication system for the Allegheny Health Department (ACHD) to increase adoption of the HPV vaccination in Allegheny county. Teams must develop visual and verbal messaging. 

Theora Kvitka

7 weeks

Visual Communications Studio, Carnegie Mellon University. Taught by Andrew Twigg

illustrator / indesign




For the final project in our Visual Communications class at Carnegie Mellon University, we were commissioned by the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) to develop a campaign to help increase HPV vaccination rates in the county.  For our "Embrace Health" campaign, my partner Theora Kvitka and I decided to target the critical "catch-up" demographic—college students on college campuses.

The Embrace Health HPV Campaign is a complete, self-contained program to be carried out entirely on college campuses. The ACHD will distribute the Campaign Toolkit to interested colleges and universities in Allegheny County. The college or university will then be responsible for implementing the program on their campus—including the administration of three HPV doses—with minimal assistance from the ACHD. At the end of the academic year, each school will provide feedback to ACHD about uptake rates, vaccination demographics and suggestions for improvement of the program in future years.

By using a combination of authoritative messaging from campus health care providers, as well as teams of student advocates to socialize and encourage vaccination, the Embrace Health HPV Campaign provides information which is accessible, trustworthy and motivational. Additionally, the Campaign disseminates information through a variety of formats, such as freshmen orientation lectures, posters, social media, in-person tabling and email. This highly visible and channel-saturating methodology will make sure that every student has some contact with the program.

To learn more about how our Embrace Health Campaign works—including research findings, checklists, and web content—please have a look through our final proposal document.  Our detailed process documentation can be viewed here.




The toolkit contains everything a college will need to implement the Campaign, except for personnel and the vaccine itself! The college will need to involve these key roleplayers:

  • Student Health Center administrators and healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, medical techs), referred to collectively as “Administrators”
  • Student Advocates (upperclassmen, RAs or Freshman Orientation student staff)
  • Incoming Students

Each of these roleplayers will have different responsibilities, all of which are outlined in the Campaign Timeline.

The physical and digital components of the Toolkit includes the following visual documents. To view details of the entire toolkit, please view our final proposal document


Campaign Timeline  to keep all three roleplayers on track

Campaign Timeline to keep all three roleplayers on track


Poster series to promote vaccination Open House days


A 16-page brochure to be given out at Freshman orientation or whenever appropriate


4 x 6” postcards with reminders of all Open House dates. (Front)


4 x 6” postcards with reminders of all Open House dates. (Back)



We presented all of the materials to the Allegheny County Health Department in a mailing envelope similar to one that they may use when mailing toolkits to participating colleges.  We printed out the proposal document, timeline, and other documents we had drawn up. We also included copies of the posters, pamphlets, and postcard.  In addition, we put all the files a college would need to implement the system on a flash drive so that colleges could easily update the documents with their own personal logos, contact information, and Open House Days.