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Power + Participation Book

This guidebook is rooted in independent research on decolonization and participatory design, done in the Spring of 2018 in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. This is a work in progress, so feedback is not only welcome but requested. I have made it available here, only asking for your thoughtful critique in exchange. My main questions are: does the format make sense? Are the questions overwhelming? Is it clear how the book should be used? If you find it beneficial, in what ways and what parts in particular? Is there anything you think is missing from the book?

Finally, if you do find any parts of this book useful and would like to use it in your work or share with your students, please credit me.  Accurate spelling of my name is always appreciated!  Or you can tag me on Twitter @arijah_q .

Please leave comments below! I'd love for this to be an open discussion not only on the guidebook, but on issues, obstacles, or even victories you may have encountered in doing cross-cultural design projects. 

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